Friday, July 13, 2012


time is impatient. it's been almost two weeks
the fumes of garlic, one reeks
chopping leeks; repairing leaks
thank the lord, geek isn't sick!

in the bright daylight
ah! even in the darkest of nights
it's such a comfort they bring delight!

a tailwind, perhaps to fly a kite?

sixty days. to spend - many ways.
live 'em like the blue jays
gay, yet never astray

Alas! remember your outlays.

roadtrips, foodheaps
it's always nice to have them
with the best of peeps!

Seems like Year Two
for this here Ngoo
wasn't all
"Boo..." and "Goo..."


through trials and (near) revivals
I'm sure we will all prevail!
wail not!

with the Big Man
how can we be frail?

blessed, indeed.
no, I don't kid.
Here's to these quirky friendships.

Ridiculously serious.
Seriously ridiculous.

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