Saturday, May 09, 2009

london cemetery.


Exam falls on 14 May.
Won't be posting anything at the moment unless there's any need to.
Felt like I'm already stepping into one [grave].

au revoir, visitors!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

missed it !!

Well... seemed like I didn't clarify what happened to that Perodua Kembara right, folks? It's fine, only minor scratches on the left rear bumper. It's a different case for the Proton Waja though. Scratches and a (should I use minor?) dent. Door of the driver's side. Pretty bad. Anyway, coming back to the main issue of concern, the crash wouldn't have happened if I remembered my tuition replacement class that particular Monday. Yeap, it's Saturday today and I was listening to Mr G recapping last lesson's gist. Then came the Shocker when I was puzzled to hear unfamiliar sentences because I was actually looking at the previous notes I have with me (that was the week before last week's notes). Thought about being absent last Saturday and about planning to replace that class this Monday - which is the 27th, and got even mad at myself that I should've reminded myself regarding the replacement. Early dementia? Sigh... Ridiculous, I think I am... Don't feel like writing an essay now, so I request to be excused. EXAM in another 14 days. Here's to mortality....!!!

Gonna go pick some strawberries and perhaps make a bowl of jam. Come to think of that, I miss strawberry sundaes ...

See you when I see you, folks. Take care : )