Friday, July 25, 2008

progress rep.? nah.

Two kittens found, July 5th, Sat. I prefer the greyish white one. One young magpie found the next Sat(died a day later).


A new method for crafts...oh yea...


July 18th, school Cross-country @ Taman Tasik Titiwangsa(i wasn't running, of course).


never can i get through the days without them buddies. thanks a (few more) bunch(es)!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

(letti litte forgot her title)

one word sums it all up : hectic

June 24 - 28

minggu koperasi : got this badge, and another, for free.
initially I requested the owner to keep both first so I can buy later.
since he insisted that I'd not have to pay...
thanks a lot, kevin!

some of the photos I edited using picture motion browser :

got these roses from a neighbour who's returned from Cameron's
whole bunch here.

June 30 : late, late Mother'sDay dinner at SakaeSushi

salmon was good.

school has been tiring since May. two more weeks until our first exam. sixth formers' club is doing okay. coming project: Farewell Party for UpperSix seniors. Am still in the process of cracking that nut ( accounts ). have yet to read up accounting doctrines for a presentation due end of this month. it's for tuition, mind that. Asikin who's joined L6A for the past month(or so) will be leaving to SetapakHighSchool. It's quite saddening, really, to see someone you've just known, now fostered a friendship, and soon, leaving again. ( the 2 friends from Selayang already left ChongHwa ) there'll be 21, or 20 of us after Asikin's transfer, starting Monday. I guess this would be final. And Yes, today I've finally finished reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. So far everything is all right. unable to tell details. drowsiness taking over. eyebags are somewhat getting darker and 'heavier' these days. without fail. I shall take my leave.

sekian. and adeus!