Sunday, January 23, 2011

homeward bound!

h o m e .

s u r e f e e l s g o o d t o t h i n k o f i t.
f i v e d a y s.



Saturday, January 08, 2011

the past year: what the dog saw

07/31: Orientation month - at the queen's
At this point of time, the freshies just got tired
of one whole week of orientation,
and off they went to escape from the place we call
menara gading.
08/30: Merdeka countdown - at the Times
Still remembered the pandan flavoured putu mayam we had
before visiting the still-new Penang Times Square,
where the hbp students had
their performances and artworks publicized,
as part of a programme in a concert.
08/31: Morning sky
Sight to behold. Taken before a hike
to a not-so-near beach, at my very own residence. 

08/31: En route to monkey beach
This is Muka Head. A place for biology/marine biology
students to carry out research,
sadly, during the holidays.

Okay, after rushing through group projects, mid-terms,
online quizzes and finally, final exams,
it's funny how a bunch of students would want to be
voluntarily put into another race,
where more than 20,000 people compete. 
11/21: Catching the sunrise in 10K fun run
- from the queen's to the bridge then back
This is what you get by paying rm15,
provided if you run there. Haha.
11/22: Early presents from friends : )
Happy moments worth living for that make you go "aww..."
sueanne, tienhui, audrey, stephanie,
fongwan, waiquan, jiaowei
Many thanks! : )

11/23: Discovery of a hidden nook - at komtar
...with the assistance of a Penangite friend.
get cheap felt, here!
11/23: A necessary yet, non-reliable,
mode of transport

11/23: Noon at the queen's
11/23: English tea; un-English way

11/26: To the town - by the streets
All through semester one we never really took time to
walkabout, lose our way, and just dive into
the many quiet, quaint, little streets.
11/26: Old - as seen in new; First Avenue

12/10: Give us this day our daily bread
- a private getaway tucked in the corners of KL
...where friendships were rebuilt? refurbished, I'd say. heh.
12/10: Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive
those who've trespassed against us

12/10: Refuge
12/10: Escapade
12/11: Celebrated celebration, as quiet as it may seem

12/11: The undiscovered
12/11: Lowly, but unappreciated

camps. christmas. melt-in-your-mouth shortbread.
molten chocolate cakes. last-minute packing.
one month. gone, baby. gone.

semester two.
like it or not.
91 days to live through.

Okay, I'll leave the rest as it is. No use killing time documenting all these if I'm being unproductive.
hahah. Can't wait to be back home!
and, looking forward to get the new camera, Pam! :D


and, oh, it's good to end the day
with some chuck-time before bedtime.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


People who bite the hand that feeds them usually lick the boot that kicks them.

Hoffer, Eric