Friday, June 05, 2009

have a kit kat!

Bonjour! This would be a brief update (I suppose). Sat for an 8-day exam which ended on 25th May. The papers were quite grueling. Yes, it's tough and I know I haven't been studying earlier, so I realised that consistent work (which was what I did not do) pays off. Got my results for micro- and macro-economics and it was a mild shocker. Expected the former to be much better than the latter, but what I'd gotten was the opposite. And the reason I was a little dissatisfied with myself was that I spent the most time revising for microeconomics. It's quite a letdown, actually. Still waiting for the results of the remaining papers... Meanwhile, had time to chill out for awhile after mid-year's... This is for an avid fan of doraemon while the other's for a friend who loves cheese.

This, together with a bunch of carnations was for the advisor of Sixth Formers' Club.

Went to Titiwangsa with a bunch of church youths (we call ourselves Footprints) on the 31st in the hot afternoon. They played games there and had lunch after a session of 'torturing' members by the leaders. I was excluded. Am behind the lens ma....

That's it for now... one more week until school reopens... gotta start doing homework... agh! Anyway... the people in this photo (taken by our form teacher/the school guard) is who I see every other day in school, just so you know... warm colours. well... nah... my classmates lah. Unfortunately, one of our friend has Multiple Sclerosis and is unable to join us in class. Hope he will recover soon. Tough guy he is! Keeping you in prayer! Stay strong, you've still gotta sit for STPM!