Wednesday, April 29, 2009

scratch and dent run

Wouldn't like to relive Apr twenty-seventh.
walked over to the car with mom waiting inside. it was just after 1pm.
was in reverse gear. backed the car whilst manoeuvering the steering.
one mistake: did not check whether there are any obstructions surrounding the area.
Car was out. Well, almost.
since it's parked in a slanting manner, I thought there'd be enough space for a Kembara.
But then again, I thought the road was clear, so I promptly decided to go for a 'straight out' reverse.
just when I thought it'd be okay.... c r a s h. then came that faint b e e p from the sensor.

Earlier the entire class was badly annoyed when PK1 entered our class without hesitation or fear of interrupting our lesson.
Asked us if the air conditioner was on. No answer because we expected PK1'd just blast us for wasting electricity since the students do not need air-con during lessons because other classes do not have air-cons.
Then came the accusation that we found 'Ways' to unlock the second switch box to switch on the air-con because PK1 was sure that the air-con will not function if the second switch wasn't switched on when what we only did was to press the green button of the first switch. Plus, we did switch off after class. Still, we were blamed for our 'irrational' behaviour.
So much for installing unusable aged appliances in stuffy classrooms. And No,we did not switch on the air-con.

Enough said. We are still pissed.(pardon me)
That was part of the story leading to the crash, by the way.

Muet next Tuesday morning.
Until then,
Wish us luck.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Thanks for coming over. Will update later. Easter was great despite the frustrating, pain-in-the-arse practices and rehearsals.

Important MUETters coming soon...