Friday, October 31, 2008

Bukit Tabur !

Tuesday's Feat!

7.45am - begun our ascent.

8am - reached first peak.

shown here's the reservoir. Klang Gate Dam, which reminds me of the waters of Isengard.hah!

8.08am - pit stop. note the altitude. below is a part of taman melawati.

9.16am - steep slope right after second peak.
assisted by two dogs, pets of another group of climbers we met.

9.22am - scaling the rocks.

9.39am - we're at the opposite peak.

9.50am - crossed over.

10.08am - third peak.

10.48am - an open space. halfway, trekking down.

11.10am - an open space. nearly finishing. note the rocks in the background.
that's where we climbed, I presume.

approx. 11.30am - completed hike. went for lunch at Dharbar's.

not expecting the next day we can barely get up from bed.
went to school, nevertheless.
two days of walking in a funny manner.
bukit tabur was worth the hike. spectacular panorama. kinda terrifying slopes. weather was great. no rain on mon. tracks downhill weren't muddy. trails were challenging, nerve wracking. rock climbing was great! so's the photo taking, at such an altitude!

long to experience the real thing? do not hesitate to notify.
there'll be a second hike for sure! (if circumstances permit)


happy halloween! and happy birthday to CARMEN!

trick or treat?

Monday, October 27, 2008


Sept 30th - sheryiin's ...

went to a place where butterfly-cut chickens are grilled;
caught up with each other and all were slightly thrilled.

and so they came over and stayed for a while;
took a picture and neighed til some went wild.

all is good, all is well.
what more can I tell?

early Oct - dad's 52nd, california pizza kitchen

this is the CPK-BLT

pasta and pizzas were good.
six of these brought up the mood.

nay! don't be fooled,
below par they are, and left someone's pockets in need of stitching,
however they make you drool.

all is fine, we had a good dine.
too bad there weren't any wine.

Oct 19th/a day before final exam - asikin's aidilfitri open house

this is what you will get from me when your house is open.
nothing expensive but it's our token
of appreciation.

Oct 14th - yvewei's eligible to watch all genres of movies

last but not least,

Oct 26th - taking photos during mom's line dance performance

exams are over days are quite sober, time to replenish, no time to read rubbish;
packed are the days that will come your way, till there's not an hour to waste.
Jenny don't be hasty's a good piece of advice from John Mayer,
but not till everytime there're things to do I'd say "Later".

all is well, not too good, not too bad.
problems there are, where doubts and sadness fill my heart's jar.

doors of opportunity will be kept ajar,
till I manage to find one that opens to green pastures and in its vastness roam afar.

until then, fellow comrades. am content to be back!
adeus! and finally,

be merry as we celebrate for light triumphs over darkness!
be of good cheer for everything's not lost!

in the meantime I'll drown myself in radiohead.


(an effect of reading The Two Towers)

Friday, October 24, 2008

kerja dalam proses

o n h i a t u s. updates in a coupla days.

segala kesulitan adalah amat dikesali. harap maklum.