Saturday, January 03, 2009

Saphan Khwai

Dec 19 - 22 , 2008 : Bangkok trip

saphan khwai : the nearest BTS station from our hotel. (10 min walk)

The Rooms

Jim Thompson (Thai silk industry entrepreneur) Museum
(this was his Thai home)

Chao Phraya boat ride

the water taxi

dinner at Wild Orchid Wild before strolling along Khao San night market

morning shots.


students looking for a cab in the morning.

Chatuchak Weekend Market.
starters : 35Baht iced coffee

mango sticky rice

inside the mega-sized market where you won't get to return to the same stall unless you're familiar with the whole place. serious.

(these looked fake to me)

another coffee break before we leave.

on our way to Mo Chit station, back to Saphan Khwai.
(the locals love to hang around, have picnic here in this park. they actually have people renting mats in the park.)

Mo Chit BTS station

Reflections : Rooms in Bangkok is a few lots after 7-Eleven.

another morning : our tuk-tuk driver, in the 'right' side of the road.

perhaps we could have some comfort food.
( Samurai burger & Taro Pie!!!)

ticket vending machines.

Siam Paragon

MBK food centre

we're right below a train track. it's a lot better, I mean the public transport there. faster escalators. longer trains and good air-conditioning.

scavenging for food after Thai massage.
( guess what this stall sells)

steamed bread,to be dipped with pandan+coconut milk. very,very good.

breakfast, again.
( homemade yoghurt was really good, we tried pouring it into a bowl of muesli. it's a lot better than cereals with milk!)

gorgeous scrambled eggs and tender pork sausages together with fresh toast. I miss the food...

doodling in the gallery. after check-out. and a shopping spree in the gallery.

the lounge near the reception.

reception area... very friendly staffs.

the faithful tuk-tuk driver...

and his faithful tuk-tuk.

back to Suvarnabhumi(pronounced as suvarnapoomi) airport.

so long, fare you well. perhaps some day we'll be back.

merry christmas, anyway. hah!