Monday, April 22, 2013


when you know how much your friends sacrifice just so that you can travel,

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Ambitious travelling, you say? Not quite.

Put it in a more appropriate way - it is that little urge, that makes you go for what the heart says, rather than that of the head. (But  it's impossible to count the head out eh? One cannot not think, right..)

A week in February, away from the cold, the snow. Malaga - imagine 24 degrees, feel the cool breeze and the warmth from the sun!  - had me rediscovering the raw excitement of really 'travelling', being in a foreign place, with close to zilch knowledge of español. Try living in sub-zero temperature climate, you'll appreciate the sheer delight of staying in the sun as long as possible. It's like sunlight automatically converted into energy, really. London however, was colder, but not as bad as it is here. Somehow it was a real blessing to have three dry days, for walking and touring - rainsuit in bag, unused. Good to note that a day before arrival it was pouring. Not by chance, I'm sure! : )
One important lesson - knowing who to travel with. It's not just about planning, obviously.

Marching into March. Three classes weekly. Closing off with a six-hour paper. I'm terrified just thinking about it. Brrr..... Also petrified, stupefied, mystified by the price of books here. Heartburn, heartburn!

Speaking of terrifying things... One of which I'm baffled about is how inconsiderate people can be when it comes to being civic/neighbour-conscious.Clashes of culture - can't be avoided, for sure, but honestly speaking, it is difficult to tolerate. Especially unreasonable cases, in which I do not wish to point out here. Quite a frustration! Pretty much ruins almost any day. You cannot expect people to change just because you want to have things your way, or just because you were here before I was so you think you are more superior. Your problem? Go find your own solution. Simple as that.

It might sound disheartening to see myself behave this way when we're told to offer the other cheek. Alas, there is a limit - a threshold of peace. I did my part, and I am not going to be bullied. If that's not good enough for you then you'd just have to accept that fact (and tolerate me instead) Unfair? I don't think so.

Disebabkan nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga. Won't let it happen here, though. 120 days to go. There's so much more to do! Places to go to! With good company of course.

One perfect stress-buster is to get busy in the kitchen(-ette). Glad måltid maketh en glad människa! Cures a bitter heart, too!

Studies? Well, you can't study with an upset stomach and a bitter heart, can you? You know the answer. haha. Hej då : )

seriously missing Malaga,

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A change of pace, a shift of ways.
Out of  place? Perhaps it's haste.

A quiet gaze. Maybe more.

To cherish and to embrace.

Here's to a week here in Göteborg! Weather's been unwelcoming. Sunny one day; cloudy and windy another. Anyway, Rosendal is beautiful, in fact among the most scenic. Looking forward to spring - maybe late March. Härlanda Tjärn - now frozen, is within walking distance. Nice park for jogs and walks.

Classes have yet to start, and seeing friends busy with homework and lectures gives me the nerves. Would it be different? In what way, I wonder.

Liability of newness, eh?

Above: the Göteborg Centralstationen.

Friday, July 13, 2012


time is impatient. it's been almost two weeks
the fumes of garlic, one reeks
chopping leeks; repairing leaks
thank the lord, geek isn't sick!

in the bright daylight
ah! even in the darkest of nights
it's such a comfort they bring delight!

a tailwind, perhaps to fly a kite?

sixty days. to spend - many ways.
live 'em like the blue jays
gay, yet never astray

Alas! remember your outlays.

roadtrips, foodheaps
it's always nice to have them
with the best of peeps!

Seems like Year Two
for this here Ngoo
wasn't all
"Boo..." and "Goo..."


through trials and (near) revivals
I'm sure we will all prevail!
wail not!

with the Big Man
how can we be frail?

blessed, indeed.
no, I don't kid.
Here's to these quirky friendships.

Ridiculously serious.
Seriously ridiculous.

Friday, June 08, 2012

pasture beside still waters

27/5/2012 6:21pm
(Adapted from Bob Fitts' I Love to be with You)

You give me reason to breathe again
In fact, Lord, You make it possible

like a flower blooming in the spring
like the colours of an autumn leaf
like the sea and all its majesty
that is why I love to be with You

You whisper Your love in the morning
And You cradle my head in the evening

You give me reason to dance in the sun
After I have been in the cold

an antidote to the anxious mind.

future concerns and the want-to-know-it-all tendency.
it's already been paid for.
why the despondency?

Your peace, I ask.