Saturday, July 25, 2009

drop that!

early thursday morning, jul 23rd:

somebody got up and went to the loo.
the rustle woke me up.
instinctively I reached for the clock right beside my pillow.
2 or 3 a.m.
great, not the time to get up yet.
gleefully and carelessly I slipped back into unconsciousness.

I had a dream. maybe a few in one.

hockey or football, I can't recall.
of being applied little diamante(or little pieces of accessories) all over the face;
and having to experience floating in mid-air and grooving with the music.

back and forth, back and forth.

then it all vanished.

there I was, or whoever it might be,
on a sandy place, strolling,
holding some thing resembling a tiny crab,
disgust took over and made me cringe.

I smudged it.

the remnants got in between my fingernails.
quickly they were dislodged,
and I flicked every thing as far as I could.


c r a s h

It was 4.30 a.m.
The sound startled me awake.

Frustrated after having to readjust the time,
I went back to sleep for another hour,
before the official morning call.

But still, it makes me laugh and wonder,



head-scratchingly funny.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

five for fighting.

feeling fenced out?

Thought of the week: It's surprising to have heard that so far none has been able to obtain band 6 in Muet (not sure of other schools though). I've gotten a five. The cause: A drop in standard/stricter examiners/tougher questions?

Went for the school's Annual Jogathon yesterday morning at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa where we jogged about 2.5 km or so. It was good, quite comforting to know that you're finally exercizing and eliminating accumulated toxin. Will be going for another run tomorrow morning near Times Square. It's also good to know your muscles aren't in much pain now, so tomorrow would be quite alright. Fingers crossed.

Well, I don't know... Sometimes it does feel like you're left alone wandering, in school or out, till the silence strikes and makes you wander even further - a world of your own. Exams are traumatizing, yes we all know. You might think that, well, 3-4 months... I'll manage to cram 1 1/2 years' syllabus and gear up for what's to come, but... there's always a thought fighting to surface, wanting you to acknowledge that time's running short and whatever that's done and passed can't be undone and relived, and it's better to buck up and be serious once and for all.
That particular 'drive' you can't seem to tap into; the 'agony' of having to remind yourself the need to revise and practise. Dreadful... but a phase that has to be overcome.

Nobody said it was easy; no one ever said it would be this hard. Too bad we can't take ourselves back to the start.

Rest well, friends.

Friday, July 10, 2009

after the beep!


will be revealed in another 3 days.

I bet everyone's getting anxious ...

It better be okay or there goes your 60 Ringgit ... plus another few months of agonizing practices.

agh! Good luck, folks!