Friday, September 19, 2008

tags and gags.

The rules and regulations:

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

fine... here goes :

1. don't be surprised when you see some one reading and smiling and/or mumbling to herself in the lrt or in class during free time. I always do that. maybe I'll just frown instead, eh?

2. don't know why I'm very fond of green. especially olive green. used to loathe what we call it 'durian-green' when I was young. maybe that's how I grew to love durians. haha

3. I mentioned that I loved to doodle on my knees, some time ago. yeah, that's one thing I can't figure out why. out of papers? who knows? contraindication: being threatened that I'd be skinned. ink acidic. bad for skin. ink bad. ink no good on skin. do you hear?

4. I used to loved to draw sailormoon (and her gang: venus, mercury, jupiter, mars...even chibi-moon) in primary 1 or 2. I've got a friend who's a boy who loved to draw them as well. and I STILL remember his name. good ol' days. bad drawing. very bad. big eyes. sharp chin. long hair... their hair, ahem... not the hair-down-there, I was kind of 'mesmerized'. seeing how they flow or catch the wind.

5. used to not like to clap my hands or sing during sunday service when I was young. maybe kids are like that. But one happy thing about sunday school (conducted in mandarin) is that we've got presents. One time my teacher gave me a teddy bear, a white one, who 'sings' out a lullaby, when you press its tummy. sweet memories...

6. people told us(sis and I) that they did not expect us to watch anime. because we did not look as if we're the ones who like to watch animation. naming a few here: (then) cardcaptor sakura, slam dunk, naruto ; (now) bleach. and mind that... watching anime dubbed in BM is a whole lot funnier. It's TRUE. too bad no time these days... care to lend me some? really wanna continue watching bleach. we're stuck at ep. 80.

7. attended drawing/art class when I was in primary 4/5. my teacher's an artist and she's from the same church as well that time, involved in sunday school. used colour pencils and learnt quite a lot about using colours. colour tone. shadows and all... wish I could've extended the lessons back then.

8. I love to read. Yet, most of the time I'd stack 'em at one corner, thinking that I'll let them pile up first and read articles, books, newspaper clipppings at one go. guess it'll be very hard to come to pass. I've been pestered to clear up the mess lots of times. ( to Sheryiin: I'm so gonna finish Kit's Law!!! gonna return it to you soon... just wished I had the time... ) haha. my favourite so far: agatha christie's Poirot series. ask me if you want to know other books i recommend.

9. Sometimes being alone feels like you're detached from what's around you. And i think it's a sense of peace that makes it worth the detachment. maybe you might not get what I mean. never mind.

10. I do not like to eat cempedak. and fruits of which their texture tastes the same. ciku. dates. ugh... nangka is good enough.

11. my tongue will hurt when I drink coke or pepsi after eating potatoes; eating guava; certain pineapples; even aubergine makes my tongue itch. because my tongue's got 'cracks'. don't know what they call it.

12. used to say the word 'kumbayah' quite often when I was young as well. you know Eek, the Cat? haha. and the phrase ' well, you know me...' ala Mat Rock in SpanaJaya, the local tv series.

13. people think that making crafts/cards and all, the inspiration comes naturally. certainly it does Not. sometimes it comes just like a click. other times, you may get stuck and abandon your 'project'. after all... it's hard to explain... nevermind, again.

14. I'm no good at PC games, those of which involves multi-tasking, which needs you to do this and that while defending/killing stuff while trying hard to make sure you still have a life. yea, I admit that. I can only focus one thing at a time if you want me to do something the way you want it.

15. before moving over to the present house, we had to follow a rule while watching tv, which was to avoid leaving the carpet. if not, 50cents if caught out of the carpet. so we kept our toes touching the carpet when we lie on our stomachs. sometimes we pay 1 ringgit just for another chance. 'belanja terdahulu' eh? accounts people?

guess that's all for now.
tired, tired week. exams a month away... gah...

do not feel like tagging. leave it be, then. that means... You're spared. run, run, before I have second thoughts. gahahha...

(since when did they call us PLAYERS??)

wish i could get 'em gel-ed. spikes. any ideas?

Friday, September 12, 2008

points to ponder.

unclogging the grey matter.

"do what makes you happy. smile as often as you can. laugh as much as you breathe. love as long as you live."

you'll never know what your mind is capable of... unless you put in effort.

"happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder..." - Thoreau. (being too self-conscious is not a good thing.)

do spend some of your time to do some 'stock-taking'. what lies within?

signing off-

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

monday punches!

George Washington said, "Let your heart feel for the affliction and distress of everyone."

finally you've returned...

how I've been waiting, and waiting for it.
watching you was the best thing I've decided since you showed up.
in fact, I don't mind watching you every day.
sadly, school stuff matters.
and I can only see you once every week.
Mondays, yeah, only Mondays.

you kept me asking for more. I know.

I've been watching you for the past 2 years.
nevertheless, that wasn't my regret.
and I'll never, ever let you slip past me,again.

you had me at hello, CriminalMinds!

Friday, September 05, 2008

fancy a can of sardines? or anchovies? anyone?

August 17 , Sunday, USM Penang - sister's convocation

this sure looks like an olympic torch eh?
loved the 2 bouquets we brought there.
bought the flowers at a shop in PetalingStreet. packed them a day before our trip up north. strangely, they do look kind of Greek(I think I need to rephrase this...but never mind that).

scorched : came back with a sunburn and I've got red, itchy spots on my forearm for days.
had fun photo-taking though. Sunday's weather was good, really.

yeah, get work soon!

our HOME in Penang, vistana hotel. sure hope it won't be the last time we're staying there.
it's been 6 years already... gee...

raining the day after sis' session
talk about God's perfect timing huh?

Finally I got to watch The Dark Knight, despite hearing someone complain that he did not know what the movie was about. It was good. Psychotic. Deeply moving. And I loved the way the narrator(or was it Officer Gordon) talks when it was coming to an end, about Batman being Gotham City's silent guardian and all... but not the hero, the villain instead. sigh.

sheesh.... homeworks kept on waiting, waiting... waiting for the time to devour me.
(a la John Mayer)

August 19 , Badminton tournament for all sixth formers.
do not feel like bringing up the past. sadly, I was beaten by an olahragawati sekolah. It was fun, I know. The next day I felt like I'm a bag of stones. Getting up was tough.real tough.

August 21 , former classmates(form 5) gathering up a hill called 'Look Out Point' near Hulu Langat. Response was good this time. got to meet up and talk for a while. yea, it was good.

August 23 , titiwangsa family photoshoot : sister's of course.

I figured I wandered away...

Dynasty Hotel : Farewell Party for the Seniors.

decoration was minimal, but nice... cuz 'we' did it. fussy people, I know. but, it was a joy, such a contentment to savour that. by the way, sis and I custom-made this guest book. glued the ribbon. wrote the front cover. that's it. the prom was alright for me. good in a sense that we benefit from the exposure( pun definitely not intended ). nevertheless, there is still room for improvement. the organising committees have done a good job, but I have a feeling that we're still far from being able to adapt to the 'prom culture'. anyway, it was a good start for a school like mine. and mind me, my feet sure felt funny wearing 3-inch heels.

no photos available, my apologies : )

August 29 , NatDay Celeb in ChongHwa.
had to carry and wave the state flags. darn, was it tiring. no further comments.

okay, back to the present
had my hair cut real short. a load off my head and shoulders. hope to meet up with long-time buddies soon. gah... everyone's busy. exams are due in October.
lots to read. lots to do. lots to catch up on. (the haunt never ends)

that's all for now.

until then, ADEUS!