Friday, August 08, 2008


*this is yours, sheryiin!

1st aug. happy 26th birthday, AJ.

went looking for dresses for a coming event somewhere in a shopping centre I seldom frequent
after school together with sheryiin, michelle, yee teng, jolyn, and sis.

bought tickets for TheDarkKnight,5.50pm. that guy serving us was in a bad mood, so only sheryiin and I got rm7 tickets. the rest had to pay rm4 more.

kept our tickets without checking the details.
off we went to have lunch before starting our 'duties'.

managed to get a dark grey knee length dress for rm36 after a 40% discount.
the rest, unfortunately, didn't buy any. decisions were tough anyway.

everything settled, I was left with sis and sheryiin, cuz the other two told us they couldn't catch the movie, after we bought the tickets. rm11 wasted.

so yeah, the 3 bought the necessities and went into Hall9.

strangely, although we expected they were screening the ads, the hall was almost full.

(note: we were there around 5.35pm)

went out of Hall9. and double-checked the time of the movie.

"5.15pm - TheMummy : Tomb of ..."

( long, long ... pause )

* head to sheryiin's page for other details

fillers :

back home I figured out why it happened. we told that guy in a bad mood we'll be watching a five-fifty movie. I suspected he heard five-fifteen.

ridiculous, is it not?

* * *

no idea.

moral of the story:


6th aug. happy 23rd birthday, Yong!
choc moist cake straight from the kitchen - awfully good.


forced to buy 2 pairs of customised socks from the school. pre-order stage now.

8 bucks. irrational, is it not?

school's on tomorrow. replacing HariRaya holidays.


( what's that number 8 got to do with 08/08/08 anyway, huh??)

until then, adeus!